Be the Change (Or Whatever)

by Bobson Dugnutt

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released September 27, 2019

Recorded by Raffaele Marchetti @ZetaFactoryStudio in Carpi (MO)
Mixed by Raffaele Marchetti @Audio Brothers (MO)
Mastered by Federico Ascari @Wavemotion Recordings (MO)

Indelirium Records


all rights reserved



Bobson Dugnutt Berlin, Germany

Is it a Bobon in your pocket, or are you just Dugnutt to see us? you know who it is, its the bWoYz from Berlin / Emilia Romagna here to put the F in "Exercise In Futility"

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Track Name: The Clock
I can’t stop the clock inside my head
It seems I’m always late
I keep hearing voices in my head
I’m going through my decay

But I know, I’m sure
Time's all but mental fiction
And I swear, it’s true
Time's my worst enemy

We don’t change, fuck you
Don’t care ( bout ) the price I pay
Blame me cause I’m the devil in your brain
And I won't let you live in peace
Cause everything you've got, you've got is me

This time
I fight
The clock

I feel I’m running in circles again
My life's controlled by those wishing I fail
Give you a reason to claim your freedom back
Walk another track, play a different role

It’s never too late to find your way
What makes you burn? What’s keeping you alive?
Time is not running out tonight
Time is not running out, I’ve killed the clock

This time
I fight
The clock
Track Name: Be the Change
Got me down, I’m tired of it all
Of these politics, where no one seems to think i’m that important
But that charlatan he seems to know
** And though i don’t believe him it will **
Serve as a reminder for them all

Don’t you realise
(it) isn’t the first time fascism in disguise
Has claimed,
To be a force of change,
when in fact it’s just more of the same

It gets me off, to make offence
And i can’t explain the reason
They should go back to damascus
Cause it’s time for me to shine

When i’m done i’m done
** You will know **
And you‘ll admit you were wrong
** I will show **

It’s a matter of pride, i won’t let go
Though i know that you’re right
** now i’m letting you know **
Suffocate on the names that you call me
I will give him the power
** he might just well be **

Be the change whatever
Whatever says i’m right
** Let me go i like it on my knees **
And i’ve never been to damascus
But i’ve heard it’s nice this time of year
Track Name: Raptor Democracy
FUCKERS and priests, keep telling me the life i would live
and all the bastards and liers, they keep on trying to put out my fire
monsters and burglers my daily routine, they serve shark owner from under the sea
and though i've always been thinking, i cant be part of this fucking sinking

is this what you want or what you want is that you hold and ignore? x2
this is what you got and why you cant

all these octopuses ruling my everyday life
tentacles blocking my way every night are like snakes
crushing me, shedding me, wiping me out
but i wasnt asked to be born, i wasnt asked to live so
ive got the right to destroy my life and to break free
from this shit, you cant imagine what i can believe

is this what you want or what you want is that you hold and ignore? x2
this is what you got and why you cant

i am the one
the one with the courage to puke on the street
bring me the day, so i wont have to further conceal myself

i will paint my path all along
till im gone, since im wrong ill be spit in your face thats all i got
no break this train will hit you straight in the face
no break eternal hate
Track Name: Jerry the 5th
Sometimes, i just loose my train of thought
I feel that i seem to forget mid sentence what i said
What the fuck did i talk about?
Im loosing more of myself after every time i blackout

Don’t you
Try to fight it
Wait what?
Who just said that? Its me
whos there?!
Im alone here
You put
Me in this nightmare?

I’m not quite sure where i was tonight
What is this blood on my hands im asking

I just do not recognize
Who is this monster standing here in front of me and staring back?
I’m afraid to turn on the lights
i know that deep inside i have no power to fight

Its time
To devour
I have
All the power, you’re mine

That girl,
Was delicious
So don’t
Be capricious

don’t you pretend like you had a life
No you should just be thanking me

Why don’t you realize?
You were a piece of shit
Before i took your eyes

I wish you’d understand
You will be better off
Oh when ill guide your hand
Track Name: Warvey Heinstein
No you cannot refuse
My father told me
** i can play **
With whom and what i choose
My mother knows to
** look away **
And don’t you know i call the shots
Until i die, since i was born
To be the one to give you scorn

Now play your part
I was told you have to
And don’t you dare to call me out

Though you claimed you said „no“
The only thing i
** heard was „yes“ **
And that just goes to show
That you have no right
** to protest **

And if you did not want then why
Did you decide to wear that skirt
You whore deserve to feel like dirt

Your mouth is running
And you’re telling lies
You’re getting famous while I’m getting ostracized

They should’ve saved me from myself this time

Then I’ll say i lost control
I’ll be forgiven don’t you
Try to make it all my fault
All of my feelings are away
Tucked away x 3
Within my soul
Call me out x 3
And you will pay

Should i try to learn something?
Could i admit to be not as good as i thought
I rather just blame you all
Track Name: Same old Story
When they say your suffering is just a distraction
It’s part of the
Structure used to belittle all of your existence as morty
Though you know how to travel to another dimension
They’ve broken you
Put you down, as they making you work assembly
For simple ricks

If you’ll trust me
And if you’d believe
Then have no fear
I’ll bring that change

So forget all that came before
As i have promised we won this day
That’s the reason why

now its time to settle scores
It is time to pave the way
How about we make them all pay

Pay for all their crimes
(You know i will not forget)
They left us behind
(they never showed us regret)
Rise to overcome
(That’s what i said, im straight opposed )
To the beating drum
(I’ll push my penis up your nose)

Shatter my facade?
I’ll take everything that was yours
I’ll become your god
You will be
Silent and loyal
Yes you will pay tribute
Cause i am all knowing,
There will be no refuge
See all of the trust you gave me was wrong
only one place at the top - it belongs to the strong

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